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Phototuts: It’s all about quality photography (both digital and film), post-processing and lighting tutorials.
Digital Photography School: a website with simple tips to help digital camera owners get the most out of their cameras.

Sean BagshawOutdoor Exposure Photography: Always amazing photos. When I grow up, I want to be able to take pictures like Sean.

Chris GinChris Gin Photography: I came across Chris’ work on Flickr a few years back. This New Zealand photographer has a great eye and the skills to capture true beauty.

Matt KloskowskiMatt Kloskowski Photography: Not only a favorite photographer, but also has a tremendous skill of teaching Photoshop tips for post production. If you spend ANY time looking for a Photoshop tutorial on how to improve your photos, you’ll come across one by Matt.

Scott KelbyPhotoshop Insider: As the name suggests, not only is he one of the kings of Photoshop, but you can hear his passion for photography in his many podcasts, blogs and books.

Thomas HawkThomas Hawk’s Digital Connection: Simply amazing – I’m not sure where to start. Color, Perspective…just amazing stuff. Well worth the look.

Stock Images

List and description assembled by Ultralinx

Compfight, Instead of it’s own content, Compfight sorts through all of the photos on flickr allowing you to search by commercial free, creative commons, and other awesome parameters. You can find photos for anything being that flickr has millions of great, high quality photos.

Unsplash, is a relatively new site that was created by ooomf. Unsplash shares 10 new photo ever 10 days. These are some of the highest quality stock photos around, and fit perfectly into designs, posts, and other mockups.

Pixabay, has thousands of free to use images. Pixabay is a little less reliable for commercial free images, but if you only need images for personal projects, it will be perfect for you.

OpenPhoto,  is a great resource for free photos that has been around for over 10 years. OpenPhoto has an insanely large collection and an easy to use sort feature by tag. The quality isn’t as amazing as the sources above, but it just takes a bit longer searching to find the right photos.

Free Fonts

List and description assembled by Ultralinx

Lost TypeLost type is essentially a pay-what-you-want type foundry. You can get fonts for free, but it’s always nice to leave a tip and support the cause. They have a bunch of amazing contributions from some of the best type designers around, and they are great for personal or commercial projects.

Font SquirrelFontSquirrel is an absolute powerhouse with hundreds of amazing fonts. Perfect for web typography, designs, or any use really. Check it out, you won’t be disappointed.

DaFontDafont is great for finding fonts of any kind. They have awesome custom fonts that are very unique.

FontStructFontstruct is a great resource for free fonts and custom typefaces. It has a huge selection and a nice font creator as well.

UrbanFonts, is a great place with thousands of cool fonts. UrbanFonts have some creative, unique fonts for any project you could imagine!


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