Originally I set this blog up to be a “…simple repository of things as seen from my perspective. Things about my life, my faith, marketing & business, sports, likes & dislikes…Things that resonate with me.”

I made some posts, received some comments, and it was fine. Then, life kinda got in the way. I didn’t post for weeks, then months, then over a year.

This is my restart.

The idea of “resonate” speaks to things that I find interesting. The idea of “influence” is how I can share that information. When I keep things that resonate with me to myself, it’s short sighted, and doesn’t benefit others.

My passion is to use the skills I’ve been given to help those I work with, whether they are co-workers, small groups, non-profits or larger organizations, solve problems and accomplish their goals. In accomplishing those goals and making things “work better” for them and/or the organization, I gain a great deal of satisfaction. That is one of the primary ways I measure success.

I’ve been able to assist groups with strengths in marketing, communications, project management, web site development including leveraging social media channels and trade show marketing.

My days are spent at Quantum Innovations, an amazing company built on our unique culture and innovation in the ophthalmic thin-film industry. You can see what we’re up to (which always seems to be something pretty cool) at these social media channels:

I believe strongly in a message told with heart and humility.

Tell a story (message) with real, genuine, sincere passion (heart) and humility (gratitude) – and everyone involved, you, your staff and your customers will be more likely to respond. Done well and your audience will become engaged (physically, emotionally, spiritually, financially) in the project. Like a table, it requires, at a minimum, three legs to stand. If we omit one, the project won’t stand. It won’t resonate, and it won’t have the value it could – to you or your customer.

I hope these things resonate with you, and can have influence in your life and that you can influence others.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Brother Tim, I tend to be a lookie loo on all matters blogging. But I rarely comment, unless I am feeling particularly contentious. Just wanted to say thanks for sharing. You suit your hooby well. My father was a fairly avid paparazzo as well. I’ll never forget the day he finally got his “Canon AE1.” He was worse than me when I got my Steve Austin lunch box, showing it to all the neighbors, photographing other peoples door knobs and other random stuff. It was pretty obnoxious until he got good at it. Then he won a prize in our county fair, and it was on. Anyway, just reminiscing and thankful for your sharing. Grace & peace to you my brother.

    1. Thanks for the kind words. I’m glad it brought about a good memory.

      “…Steve Austin lunch box…” cracked me up. Excellent reference.

      Merry Christmas!


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