This is a simple repository of things as seen from my perspective. Things about my life, my faith, marketing & business, sports, likes & dislikes, my photographs. A place to put the things that I find interesting, even if no one else does. Things that resonate with me.

It seems with so many things going on – all at once, finding a place to park these things as I sort them out is helpful. At best it will be random – at worse, chaos.

Also, as I make the transition to WordPress, I’m combining my “everything” blog with my photography gallery. I’m not sure if it’s a good move or not, but we’ll give it a try.

Growing up, my dad was always taking pictures, and continues to do so to this day. Also growing up, nothing your dad did could ever be cool, consequently it wasn’t anything I had a great interest in. As I got older, suddenly my dad’s hobby wasn’t so bad (funny how our perspectives about our parents change as we get older).

By 2008 I really started to take an interest in photography. Living in beautiful Southern Oregon, there is never a loss for subject matter. I enjoy finding the unique aspect of “the bigger picture” and finding the “story” in these small slices of time. I still have so much to learn in terms of technique and skills, but I enjoy the process.

My current “arsenal of gear” is limited to a Sony DSC-R1, which was handed down to me after my father-in-law past away. A tremendous story teller in his own right. Photoshop CS3, Macbook Pro and my iMac round out the tech side of my equipment.

My current photographic “claim to fame” is an honorable mention for a photo I entered in the Josephine County Fair. (Kind of a “small fish in small pond”, but something I’m proud of nonetheless).

Wheel and Skull

“Wheel & Skull” taken at Box R Ranch, Greensprings, OR 2009

If any of this resonates with you, I’m glad – and I’d love to hear about it from you. If you dislike or disagree with me, that’s OK too. I’d still like to hear from you.

I hope there is something here you enjoy, or at least are moved or challenged by.

Grace and peace.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Brother Tim, I tend to be a lookie loo on all matters blogging. But I rarely comment, unless I am feeling particularly contentious. Just wanted to say thanks for sharing. You suit your hooby well. My father was a fairly avid paparazzo as well. I’ll never forget the day he finally got his “Canon AE1.” He was worse than me when I got my Steve Austin lunch box, showing it to all the neighbors, photographing other peoples door knobs and other random stuff. It was pretty obnoxious until he got good at it. Then he won a prize in our county fair, and it was on. Anyway, just reminiscing and thankful for your sharing. Grace & peace to you my brother.

    • Thanks for the kind words. I’m glad it brought about a good memory.

      “…Steve Austin lunch box…” cracked me up. Excellent reference.

      Merry Christmas!


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