Please Don’t Make This Twitter Mistake…Like I did

I just came across a great Twitter tip from an article by Gary Vaynerchuk, titled “Number One Mistake Everybody Makes on Twitter” (You can see it here).

On more than one occasion, I’ve prepared a tweet that looks like this…

Incorrect Tweet 2

Another “real life” example where I did it wrong is…

photo 1

What did I do wrong (and maybe you’ve made the same mistake)?

With each example, I started the tweet with the Twitter name – @NewHopeGP and @BenCourson. “What’s the problem with that”, you might ask? By starting with the “@”, only that person/group and those people who follow me and New Hope or Ben Couson will see that post. Not exactly what I had intended. Usually the idea behind a tweet is that I want to tell the largest targeted audience possible – not just those who are already in “that circle”.

Here are two ways to avoid this common Twitter mistake and get your message out to the largest audience possible.

1. Simply reword the tweet so the “@” is not the first character.

An example might be:

Correct Tweet 1bHere you can see that I’ve reworded the tweet, with the same message, but I made sure “@” was not listed first. Now, everyone who follows me will see the tweet, as well as everyone who follows New Hope.

2. More a variation of the first solution, you can simply add a period to the twitter name.

I’ve demonstrated it in the following example:

Correct Tweet 2b

In his post, Mr. Vaynerchuk suggests that this isn’t as effective as it relates to your message, but it does address the issue of making sure your tweet reaches the largest audience.

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