The Worst Thing…

This week I’m at #VisionExpo in New York City with #QuantumInnovations (@OpticalCoatings). During a meeting last night I was reminded of the expression, “The worst thing for a bad product is great advertising”.

Stressing the importance of having your work: products, equipment, posts, etc. to be great. The more connected you are on the stage that is Social Media, if you do something poorly, others (make that “many”) will know.

Expect greatness in all that you do.


Specific Promises, Kept (Repost)

Seth's BlogWe live in a vague world. And it gets vaguer all the time. There are so many waffle words, so many equivocations, so many ways to sort of say what we kind of intend to possibly do…

In this environment, the power of the specific, measurable and useful promise made and kept is difficult to overstate. And if you can do it regularly, on time and without a fuss, we will notice.

[If it’s not working for you, perhaps you need to make and keep bigger promises. “Service excellence is our goal,” doesn’t count.]

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