Super Commercial Sunday

Fast Company set up an interesting page to create interaction and responses to the commercials that are shown during the big game today.


I’d love to hear your comments. Come back and let us know your favorite commercial and why. Yeah, and go ahead and let us know how you’re rooting for. As a devote Cowboys fan, I just can’t find it in me to root for the Giants (but I think their going to win) – so I guess I’m pulling for the Patriots.

Enjoy the game!

And as a little extra, I’ll give you this nugget from (one of my favorite) comedians, Tim Hawkins:

2 thoughts on “Super Commercial Sunday

  1. Hopeful that the SI cover, Kraftwork, last week, will give the Patriots the curse needed for the Giants to pull it off today. As a devoted Rams fan, I sort hate the Patriots, even though I don’t know any of them personally. And I am speaking purely in terms of sports fan rhetoric, as “hate” is a fairly strong word. I think all of the available previews for the Super Bowl commercial spots really ruins the element of surprise and don’t think it is a smart marketing idea. I think this will be a fad that backfires in terms of the desired exposure and impact that SB commercial bring. Thanks for sharing, Tim. God bless you & Go Giants!

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