The Five Temptations of the CEO (Review)

Five Temptations of a CEOThe Five Temptations of the CEO

Two things I found interesting about this particular Lencioni book: 1.) The “style” of the fable was much different that any of his others – still really enjoyable, but very different. 2.) This one was more introspective and self-evaluating than any of the others – again, still really good, just noticeably different. All of his books have had a take-away for you individually, but also had greater implications for you as a group or team (…dysfunctions of a team…questions for a family…meetings, etc. Even the extraordinary executive was focused on building a healthy organization.) Regardless of your position in your organization, the principles are still valid.

Additionally, I couldn’t help but consider how so much of the text could also be applied to a marriage.

My rating: 3.75 out of 5


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