How Schools Can Use Facebook to Build an Online Community (Repost)

Great article by David Hartstein, “How Schools Can Use Facebook to Build an Online Community“on some of the thought(s) that go into setting up a Facebook page for schools. Especially timely for me given the project I’m working on with New Hope Christian School.

While I highly recommend the quick read, the topics of the article:

  • Protecting Students
  • Sharing School News and the exciting things that are happening on campus and with your student body
  • Sharing upcoming events
  • Makings School Announcements
  • Use Media to Showcase School Culture
    • Share Photos
    • Share Video
  • Use as a Recruitment Tool
  • Using Facebook to attract staff
  • Using Facebook to attract students
  • The Power of data
  • Get community feedback
    • Discussions
    • Polls
    • Facebook Questions
  • Settings and Privacy
    • Posting ability
    • Profanity block list
    • Enable email notifications
  • Make it personal

View New Hope Christian School Facebook page at


Linchpin Review

LinchpinI was really looking forward to jumping into the book. The first 2/3 to 3/4 had really great thoughts and challenges that I was able to really start to employ (or at least start thinking about in ways I had not previously). Where I did get disappointed was towards the end where it felt like many of the great topics could have been developed and discussed more. It felt like they got short-changed and he was in a hurry to finish the book.
Still very good. One that is probably worth reading several times over.

24 Quick Actions You Can Do Today That Can Change Your Financial Life Forever (Repost)

I first came across just a portion of this list on Lifehacker (Simple Actions You Can Do In Minutes To Change Your Life)

The partial list did enough to have me go find the full list… and then forward it to my wife. Then, when I found myself going back and looking at the list several times with, “…what was that thing he said about that thing…” and then finding myself thinking about an item or two on the list throughout the day,  I decided it was worth reposting here.

Great list of suggestions in an area that nearly all of us can improve.

Plus, the subtitle of the site just made me laugh: Man v. Debt – Sell your crap. Pay off your debt. Do what you love.

Turning Your Marketing Inside Out (Repost )

Received this blog post  by Dave Clarke in my inbox today.

While I enjoyed the entire post, one point in particular was really great:

inbound marketing
It’s All About Relevance, Resonance and Significance
As Brian Solis, author of “Engage: The Complete Guide for Brands and Businesses to Build, Cultivate, and Measure Success in the New Web” explains, social media doesn’t work like, and isn’t measured the way traditional advertising works. It’s not about impressions and reach. It’s about how relevant your marketing is, how much it resonates with your customers and how significant they believe it is so they will act on, and interact with, your marketing. Solis says, the acronym KISS still applies, but with inbound marketing its meaning has shifted from Keep It Simple Stupid, to Keep It Significant and Shareable. (emphasis added)

Simple (but certainly not simplistic) encapsulating and on target. Well stated.

Social Media and the Non-Profit (Repost)

I’ve been working on a project for New Hope Christian School (see my resume tab for more details.)

While working on this project, I’ve come across some really fascinating reference materials that I wanted to share here.

Requires registration for free download from Idealware.
Requires registration fro free download from Hubspot.

The Five Dysfunctions of a Team: A Leadership Fable

The Five Dysfunctions of a TeamJust finished this one. Great read. First time I’ve read anything from Patrick Lencioni. From what I’ve been told many of his other books have a similar format. He tells a story (the Fable) that is interesting in its own rite, and uses it to set up the lesson(s) to be learned. Then he provides some practical discussions and exercises on how to overcome the Five Dysfunctions of a team. I really enjoyed this and I’m looking forward to adding a few more Lencioni titles to my repertoire. Add this to my “highly recommend” list.

One of my favorite quotes from the book, “If you make everything important, then nothing is important.”

Jim Breuer: I’m Not High

I'm Not HighJust finished the book. Great read. Good laughs. Surprisingly real and genuine.