Blogger and Flickr Photography Tip

I have a blog to showcase my photographs. I know many folks have created amazing sites/blogs using WordPress, but I haven’t jumped into that pool yet, largely due to the learning curve and, for the time being, I’ve been reasonably satisfied with Blogger.

However, one thing I really wanted to accomplish was have a main photo and then a series of thumbnails to show the other photos that are included with the set as I have them listed on Flickr. I did a lot of reading and researching of various solutions to make an easy drag/drop table solution. I didn’t want to get into the HTML, and frankly, I didn’t want to pay for a solution (after all, that’s another reason I use Blogger – it’s free). I know you can embed a Flash slide show, but that wasn’t exactly what I wanted either. Although having the slideshow functionality in place wasn’t bad, I just liked the idea of showing one photo and letting it stand on it’s own until the view was ready/willing to view another one.

As I was playing around with different solutions, I stumbled across one that worked for me. Keep in mind, I’m doing this from a a Mac. I would presume it would work the same on on a Windows machine. Also, I realize that a million other people, when presented with this solution probably will reply with, “duh”. Well, I never found this solution, so I thought I’d put it out there for public consumption.

Faux Thumbnail Table

  1. Open your blog entry in one window.
  2. Open your Flickr set in another window (not tab, but window)
  3. Simply drag and drop each of the thumbnail photos you want to include on your blog post.
  4. Due to the size and dimension, Blogger lines them up nice and neat and even rolls them over to another “row” when it reaches the width of the space allowed for your posts (contingent on your template).
  5. Also, I went in and added a space between each photo, simply for presentation.
Flickr Comments
The other thing that frustrated me in the process was that Flickr would not allow someone to leave a comment of my photo unless the viewer was Flickr/Yahoo member (maybe other services too, but they had to be a member of something and willing to login to leave a comment – I don’t like that limitation).
So, after completing the steps above, I clicked in to view each photo on Flickr so I could view it in the “Lighbox” mode. Not only did this have a dark background (which better matched my Blog) I displayed the photo in a Flash format, that also gave some slideshow type options. However, it did not have the Comments field, so the viewer was more compelled to go back to my blog to leave comments rather than wrestling with Flickr and then giving up.
It’s not a perfect solution, but at least it got me 2 or 3 steps closer to where I wanted to befor free. Now, I know there are limitations with Flash application especially with so many folks accessing the web from ipad/phone/pod, but it still got me closer to where I wanted to be.
If you have better ideas on how to accomplish this, I’d love to hear it. Please share the knowledge.
I hope this proves helpful for you.
Update 04-24-2011: As I make the move over to WordPress, we’ll have to see if this tip works here as well.

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