A Few Notes From Switch

A few thoughts as I’ve been reading through Switch by Chip and Dan Heath. I haven’t finished the book yet, and I’ll post more as I go along.
Here are a few points I’ve found interesting so far…

  • To change behavior you have to change the situation
    • Often our heart and mind disagree and limit our ability or willingness to change.
  • Direct the “rider”
    • What looks like resistance is often a lack of clarity.
    • Provide clear direction.
  • Motivate the “elephant”
    • What looks like laziness is often exhaustion.
      • Self-Control or the gut-it-out, grit-through-it, will-it-into-reality is an exhaustible resource.
    • You can force but only for a short while. Engage people’s emotional side.
  • Shape the Path
    • What looks like a “people problem” is often a situation problem.
    • When you shape the path, you make change more likely not matter what is happening with the rider and/or the elephant.

In tough times, a rider will see problems. You must remain solution-focused.

  • Solution Focused Problem Solving
    • Q: If a miracle happened tonight and went problem went away, what is the first sign you would see to know it was gone?
    • Q: When was the last time you saw a little bit of the miracle?

Too many options and ambiguity lead to decision paralysis.

  • In a change situation, the hardest part is in the details – Script the critical moves.
  • Clarity dissolves resistance.

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